About Cat and Ross

Cat and Ross Decker are parents, friends, and wild business owners. They are on a journey and when you get to know them, you see they’re moving pretty fast. That journey began when Ross started a small service business in New York City. Obviously owning a business is still the American dream. But after struggling for more than ten years, Ross realized his small business really owned him. Cat and Ross found relief in taking on another adventure. This one in network marketing. Through their partnership with network marketing, Cat and Ross were able to earn their lives back.

For Cat and Ross, their main passion in life is helping others reach the high level of success in their business and life. They believe that they were rescued by their marketing business and now in turn it is their responsibility to throw that same life saver out to others in these troubled times. It is not acceptable to merely survive. You can succeed!

And that has become Cat and Ross’s goal… to rescue as many people as they possibly can and help them become true successes.

This site has been set up to help you! Help you have the success you desire within the network marketing profession and finally live the life that others dream off.

Cat and Ross believe in you and know YOU can do it. YOU can succeed!

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