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Cat and I have been in the network marketing profession in some form or another for a little over ten years. Our early experience was much like most everybody in network marketing. Signed up some friends and family, no real duplication, propped the whole business up on our backs and stayed on a far too expensive autoship in hopes that eventually we’d break through, earn checks and all that “carry over” would come in handy.

We had leaders tell us it was our fault we hadn’t reached the level of success we desired. We were told that because “somebody” is making an income, it’s our fault that we were not making the income we wanted.

It’s a terrible feeling believing it’s your fault. You know you are doing the right things. But you see friends rocketing passed you in the company, in other companies. But you are a warrior and you believe your mentors. So you stay on that autoship and buy products you don’t need and can’t afford to qualify for a check.

It couldn’t be the product. Or the compensation plan. Or the system. No, it was our fault because the company was in 40 countries and people in much worse economies were making big checks. And it wasn’t that we were in a tough market. No. Leaders told us, “Not buying that excuse. New York City is the same as Indianapolis and Chicago and the others.”

robin-williamsIf you know in your heart that you are doing the daily activities and taking the proper action, I’m here to tell you, it just might the the vehicle. It might be the compensation plan. It might be the products. And it’s ok to acknowledge that. We realized about a month ago, when we started picking up enormous momentum just 90 days into our new venture, that it wasn’t our fault. It wasn’t our fault that we didn’t have the results we wanted. I’m telling you, it might not be your fault either.

For our friends who are attempting to work programs where they have to change behaviors, try to educate people, overcome inventory issues, or have to justify high prices, we’re rooting for you. I hope you have that breakthrough. But don’t beat yourself up. Don’t carry that burden around like we did for so long.

It’s not your fault.

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