Our friends rule!

//Our friends rule!

We have some great direct sellers on our Facebook feed. I know sometimes some of us go a little overboard promoting our products but we can’t help it! We love and believe in them. I’ll bet you have have friends marketing in your feed as well. Support them! There are some really great stuff distributed through #networkmarketing. And when you buy a product from a direct seller, on average, up to 51% ends up in the pocket of independent distributors. Not a giant, faceless corporation. Their commissions pay for dancing school, karate lessons, school clothes, car payments.

When we need anti-aging cream, we go to a #nerium.
When we need make-up we go to #avon or #marykay.
When we need natural cures we go to #doterra or #youngliving.
When we need kitchen stuff we go to #pamperedchef.
When we need a system for direct mail we go to #sendoutcards.
When we need high end skincare we go to #rodanandfields.
When we needed to kick our Diet Coke habit, we went to #fuxion.
and there are countless others.

Buying from your friends won’t make you an mlm zombie. No one is going to trick you into signing your life away. It’s not one of those “pyramid things.” Support your friends. Show them that you love them. Instead of complaining about bosses and Mondays, they’re the ones trying to make a difference.

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