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Check out this post from our friend Randy Gage from his Network Marketing Times MLM Success Blog.

Here in the U.S., the election is just starting to heat up. The Democrats think we need dozens of government agencies with tens of thousands of employees managing all aspects of our lives. The Republicans want to police the bedroom and they seem to love starting wars around the world. Between the two parties, we now have a 15 trillion dollar deficit.

Of course similar scenarios are unfolding all over the world. Many of the nations in Europe are in worse shape. Several are virtually bankrupt.

The worst pyramid schemes are the governments themselves. And their money games are reeking havoc on the economy.

But that is only good news for you…

Because the more economic uncertainty there is, the better Network Marketing does. Don’t worry about the economy.

Create your own. Because you’re in the perfect business to do just that.

Ain’t it great!

– RG

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