May 2013

What Happened?

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I changed. I changed my thoughts. I changed the people I paid attention to. I changed my mind. I changed my habits. I changed my attitude. I changed my clothes. I changed my opinions about [...]

Think Differently

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Check out this post from our friend Randy Gage from his Prosperity Blog. Here’s a fact – both metaphysical and scientific: Healthy people think differently than sick people, happy people think differently than depressed people, [...]

April 2013

March 2013

We’re Blowing Up Baby!

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The CatNRoss brand is taking off. The two of us like to get away alone before launching a new tweak and review where we’ve been and where we are going. Almost like taking a sabbatical [...]

February 2013

Tough Question. Easy Answer.

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We were in Charlotte, North Carolina over the weekend with our mentor Randy Gage. A handful of leaders from our company assembled for some training and some healthy dialogue. In an honest conversation, a question [...]

December 2012

Be Dispensable

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Check out this post from our friend Randy Gage from his Prosperity Blog. If you’re an employee, conventional wisdom says you should be indispensible. I disagree. If you’re indispensible, you’ll always be stuck in the [...]

September 2012

Risky Is The New Safe

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My friend Randy Gage has a new book coming out and it’s one you need to read. It’s titled, “Risky Is the New Safe,” and frankly, it’s amazing. I had the opportunity to read an [...]

What Is Full-Time?

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Check out this post from our friend Randy Gage from his Network Marketing Times MLM Success Blog. The great thing about Network Marketing is that it is meant to be started part-time, with whatever business [...]

July 2012

Still Cat. N. Ross.

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"Since last you heard from me, I lost some friends, well, heh, me and Snoop we're dippin' again." ~ Dr. Dre (Still D.R.E.) Don't be afraid to lose some friends, support from your family, or [...]

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