July 2012

June 2012

Making the Connection

By | 2012-06-05T15:51:20+00:00 June 5th, 2012|MLM|

1. Use their name. 2. Ask them questions about them. 3. Look in their eyes when talking to them. 4. Compliment them. 5. Acknowledge them. 6. Look for commonality. 7. Don't be a stranger.

Riding Coattails

By | 2012-06-04T21:07:56+00:00 June 4th, 2012|MLM|

When I joined my first networking marketing company, I can tell you honestly, it was not because I thought I could bring anything to the table. In fact, I was quite sure there was nothing [...]

May 2012

The Beauty of Momentum

By | 2012-05-24T16:42:43+00:00 May 24th, 2012|MLM, Prosperity|

I'm checking in from the Olympic Training Center in Park City Utah with a quick piece on momentum. I'm riding a ski lift 8000 up the side of a mountain then back down on a [...]

Leadership Call May 21, 2012

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Listen in as I am one of the special guests on our weekly team conference call. The call is hosted by one of our local leaders, Anthony Vitale and features rockstar, Philip Townsend. A-Team Leadership [...]

Cinco De Mayo

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Saturday is Cinco De Mayo. Here's a quick brush up for the fifth of May for those thinking it's a celebration of Mexican Independence. It's not. That's September 16th. What's Cinco De Mayo? Cinco de [...]

April 2012

Step Up and Take It Back

By | 2012-04-23T14:32:48+00:00 April 23rd, 2012|MLM, Prosperity|

Check out this post from our friend Randy Gage from his Network Marketing Times MLM Success Blog. Here in the U.S., the election is just starting to heat up. The Democrats think we need dozens [...]

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