The Magic of Beginners

//The Magic of Beginners

There is something magical about being a Beginner.  

The Beginner believes that anything is possible.

The Beginner’s vision isn’t fogged with past failures.

The Beginner has fear that for the most part resembles excitement.

The most magical thing about being a Beginner is the fact that they are stepping out, in faith to do something they have never done.  When you have excitement combined with faith a certain spark starts to fly. It’s like falling in love.  There is little sleep, you can’t eat, your heart races, you can’t think of anything else, and you’re mostly unbearable to be around.  

A Beginner has a one track mind. How can I do this? Who has done it before me? Who can I emulate? How can I make the expertise mine? Seasoned veterans, having Beginners around you as you launch your business is like a defibrillator to the experts soul! Their spark and imagination can be just the thing to clear your fog, ignite your passion and keep you from going through the motions like maybe you have.

You see, the Beginner is doing something they have never done in order to accomplish something they never have.  That is some pretty amazing company to keep and something to be watched in awe. You were there once, bright eyed and behind the wheel of your goals for the first time. What did you need from the experts around you? Be that expert, provide that support and watch with pride as the spark becomes a fire burning in their belly. Then forward this to them as you see Beginners flocking around them.

This is the nature of our business.

Pulling people up so that they can do the same.

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