There’s been an awakening.

//There’s been an awakening.

Have you felt it?

We weren’t looking for anything new but this kinda fell into our laps. This team, this company, this product. A moment of special opportunity. A couple of phone calls from some old friends and we’re on a plane to meet the CEO and the corporate staff. Real products, real people, real PRICES.

Ann Feinstein calls, “Have you heard?”


The meeting ends and Randy Gage comes over, hugs us and says “Welcome home.”Now we start over. All of us. The same starting point. Equal footing. New team. Fresh faces. Renewed energy.
So if you’ve been curious about network marketing, this is a great opportunity to see something fr

om the ground floor up. If you feel like you have some unfinished business in this profession, we do too. If you are allergic to different ideas, keep scrolling. There’s a picture of a panda bear right under this.
What you’ll see here. Witty comments and pictures of our kids. What you won’t see here. Before and After pictures (unless they are us) or suggestions that autoships make great gifts.

Just when you thought there was nothing new in network marketing. We’re gonna have fun with a bunch of our friends and make this thing really big. And for everyone who said, “Whatever you two do next, I’m in” well, it’s time to go.

TL;DR Cat and Ross are back in network marketing after an almost three year hiatus. ‪#‎mlm‬ ‪#‎workfromhome‬ ‪#‎networkmarketing‬ ‪#‎whoeverdrawsthebestcircleswins‬

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