Tough Question. Easy Answer.

//Tough Question. Easy Answer.

We were in Charlotte, North Carolina over the weekend with our mentor Randy Gage. A handful of leaders from our company assembled for some training and some healthy dialogue. In an honest conversation, a question was posed to Mr. Gage.

“How do we prospect people who are in another network marketing company?”

Randy’s answer was quick and perfectly targeted.


The questioner rephrased the query. Again, a simple answer.

“Don’t do it.”

“Show some respect. Be a professional. It’s no different than going up to a married woman and asking, ‘I know you are in a committed relationship but you’re hot. I had to ask…'”

“I had to ask.”

“No you don’t have to ask. You can be a professional and wait until they are between gigs and prospect then.”

I think Mr. Gage has a point. Something like three percent on The United States are involved in network marketing. That leaves 97 percent that are not. Why do we spend so much time chasing after married folk?



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