What to Do When Others Try to Kill Your Dream

//What to Do When Others Try to Kill Your Dream

There’s a great article from Dumb Little Man today that deals with dreamers and dream stealers. Always a topic near and dear to our hearts. Take a look at this.

You may be doubting yourself and questioning your own dreams. Are you broke, lost and confused? Do you have it in you to make it happen?

Even worse, what will Jack down the street, his Mom and dog think of you? What do your parents tell their friends when they meet their friends for evening tennis?

“Little Annie is back-packing in Hungary? Johnny’s writing ebooks on his blog from remote locations?”

Unfortunately when you’re chasing dreams, others may try to bust them, block them, fight them, snatch them, stomp them away.

Because many believe that dreamers are losers.

Dreamers are poor. Confused, Unstable, Out of touch. Lost sense with what matters in the world.

Dreamers don’t do 9 to 5.

Dreamers sleep in the afternoons and work when there’s work to be done.

Dreamers don’t live lives that others live.

Dreams don’t do status quo. Or steady jobs. Or what’s been tried before. They fall. They get up. They fall some more. They get up some more. They almost look like they like falling because they like getting up. Getting up a little higher each time. Each time they get up quicker, higher, wiser.

But the doubters and haters only see the fall. Not the rising.

Great stuff and there is a lot more where that comes from. Read the whole article here and share it around. Comments are welcome below.


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